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ASCE New Orleans Branch

2020 Outstanding Young Civil Engineer Award Winner


Erin Rooney, P.E., CFM

Congratulations to the the ASCE New Orleans Branch 2020 Outstanding Young Civil Engineer Award winner, Erin Rooney, P.E., CFM. Ms. Rooney is a Coastal Project Manager at HDR Engineering, Inc. in Metairie. Erin was the founding president of the first student chapter of the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI) of ASCE in 2010. She was also the first Young Professionals Group chair of the Louisiana Chapter of COPRI when it formed in 2012 and currently serves on the Executive Board of COPRI. Erin has served the ASCE New Orleans Branch in multiple roles for the past several years including Environmental and Water Resources Committee chair (2017-present), Director-at-Large (2018-2019), and Secretary (2019-present). Erin has given presentations at various technical conference on topics such as living shorelines, breakwaters, marsh creation, mitigation banking, and numerical modeling. Erin also has authored publications such as the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association’s Shore and Beach on post-construction monitoring results from a living shoreline project and the ASCE Louisiana Section Journal on mitigation banking for wetland creation. In addition to her activities in the engineering community, Erin is also active with several community based volunteer organizations.