ASCE Kickball at playNOLA

ASCE Kickball Team Members (Photo by Stephanie Bayne)

By: Stephanie C. Bayne, P.E., ASCE New Orleans Branch Secretary

ASCE New Orleans Branch Younger Members recently started the second season of adult kickball with a bit of a rocky start – a Six to Nine loss.  Fortunately, the success of our professional careers does not depend on how fast we can run the bases.  Our team is a mix of younger members and UNO students and you know we are all about having a good time and taking our stress out on a little rubber ball.  If you are interested in coming out and cheering us on, we play at the City Park Quadruplex on Thursday nights.  We welcome anyone to come and join!  If you are interested in playing, send and email to Jim Costigan at  Happy Kicking!