2023 ASCE New Orleans Branch President’s Medal Award winner


Congratulations to the 2023 ASCE New Orleans Branch President’s Medal Award winner, Emily Adoue, E.I. The President’s Medal is given to a person selected solely by the President to acknowledge this person’s contributions to the Branch. 


Emily’s commitment to the Branch has been exceptional. She played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the Branch. She diligently reported all luncheon registrations and took charge of managing emails, demonstrating remarkable organizational skills. Emily’s dedication extended further as she stepped up to fill a vacant Board position mid-year and is now taking on the role of Secretary. She also played a crucial part in managing the awards selection process this year.

Emily currently serves as a Civil Engineer Intern at Modjeski and Masters, where she applies her extensive knowledge of DOTD, AASHTO, and AREMA standards to design bridges.

Her outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment have truly set her apart as a deserving recipient of the President’s Medal award.